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“I am in love with not only DeAnn’s hand soap and Laundry detergent but we have discovered the therapy dough!! My daughter has horrible anxiety and the Lavender helped her so much on the final push of virtual schooling this year. When I feel yucky, I pick up the Funky Flu Fighter and in about 20 minutes I feel so much better!! You can not go wrong with anything from Salt of the Earth!!!” -Julie

“These products are phenomenal! Forget the wasteful Clorox wipes. Salt of the Earth all purpose cleaner is the only thing you need. I’ve used it on everything from cabinets,to mirrors and even electronics. It smells amazing and leaves no residue. I also love the E-Lemon-Ator safe scrub! It’s the only thing that gets stains out of my laminate counter tops. It’s also a powerhouse against hard water stains in the bathtub! You can tell that DeAnn puts a lot of time and thought into her formulas. Her price points are great and nothing beats the price of having a household free of harsh chemicals!” -Stephanie

“I love DeAnn’s all natural products! Everything I’ve tried smells amazing, especially the hand soaps. I love that she puts so much care into each and every product. Great price too! Highly recommend.” -Danielle

“HUGE fan of the detergent! It is the only kind I can use because my skin in so sensitive. I’ve tried everything and I always get itchy. I haven’t had an issue since I’ve used salt of the earth detergents. I’ve been using it for over a year now and I’ll never go back! The other products are great too the spray smells amazing and you can even use it on glass which is nice. I’ve gone from a cupboard full of chemicals down to just the salt of the earth spray and scrub and they get the job done. I don’t normally take too many baths but when I do the bath salts are my go to. The Epsom salt is great for sore muscles after a hard workout. I haven’t tried the lip balm yet but will definitely be adding some to my next purchase. I’m just so happy someone has finally made some natural products I can actually use that work.” – Angela

“I have used the BREATHE inhaler and I am hooked it as helped with allergy congestion and it takes my sinus headache away in minutes. If you have any sinus issues I would highly recomend this.” -Thomas

“I love all the natural products that DeAnn makes. I especially love the goats milk soap she makes for me! I also like her inhalers! I just ordered her laundry soaps and can’t wait to try them! Give her products a try, you won’t regret it!” -Maria

“The LAUNDRY SOAP is awesome everything was so clean and soft with no residue. I also love her HAND SOAP (almond vanilla)that is what I ordered smells delish and cleans greasy hands. And ALL PURPOSE CLEANER smells super great and cleans counters and glass stove top just wonderful. The LIP BALM is great as well. I also love the vapor rub called BREATHE EASE it’s fantastic.” -Candi

“DeAnn’s products are the best! I have used the hand soap, the All purpose Cleaner ( Love) and the natural dog treats ( my dogs love them and they don’t last long!!)” -Joan